Our long history of making Maple Syrup

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Seven generations of Boddys have been perfecting the art of making maple syrup on our heritage farm!

Vintage Maple Syrup meets Hi-Tech

Blending old fashion know how with cutting edge technology we proudly produce some of the finest syrup available anywhere.

Farm Gate Sales

Boddy's maple products are available to purchase directly at our sugar house, telephone orders or select retail locations. Call 519-366-2302 for more information.

Automated Sap Collection

Boddy's utilize state of the art pipeline systems through out our sugar bushes to collect the sap and transport it to our Sugar House.

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About Us

Seven generations of Boddys have been perfecting the art of making maple syrup on a heritage farm! In 1864, Wm. Boddy homesteaded at Brant township in the County of Bruce, southwestern Ontario. Sap was collected in wooden buckets, homemade during the winter, and boiled in open kettles over a wood fire. Later, a flat pan was used under the protection of a lean-to. Sap began to be collected into a barrel on a horse-drawn stone boat. In 1921, a sugar shanty was built and the first evaporator was used.


A larger shanty was built in 1930 and a corrugated pan over a DG evaporator made the process faster and more trees were tapped. As modern equipment became available, upgrades were made in 1962 with the Lightning evaporator and raised flu pans. The shanty was rebuilt in ’68 near the road and electricity and running water added and an oil fired finishing pan. More bushes were tapped and an underground line fed sap to the sugar shanty. Continual upgrades included a Thunderbolt evaporator in 1985, piggyback units for fuel conservation and finally in 2007, state of the art equipment installed with a steam boiler, reverse osmosis, and all stainless steel pans and filling stations. Miles of tubing under a vacuum system in several bushes rush the sap for quick processing to make the delicious syrup that Boddys are proud of.


Visitors are welcomed to our farm gate sales. We are open Mon to Sat and closed Sundays.


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